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TOPIC: WHERE's THE SILVER?...... .IN MY POUCH!!!!!!!!!!! by Olde Texas

WHERE's THE SILVER?...... .IN MY POUCH!!!!!!!!!!! by Olde Texas 27 May 2013 22:29 #555

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When I started in 1970, 50 coins a day was considered normal with at least half of that being silver! The other 50% was mainly wheaties and buffalo nickels! And now this was with using a non-discriminate BFO. In 1974, this really changed as I got one of the 1st discriminators! Knocking out everything but the silver coins I was pulling at least 50 silver coins out a day and a good day would be close to a 100 silver coins. Now these were mainly the larger coins such as the quarters and halves and not as many dimes! There was so much that we called it "COMMON SILVER" mainly dating from the 1930's,40's,50's, and early 1960's!! In fact, I had a decent-size metal pot which I threw all of my coins into and when it was full, it was emptied out and refilled again at least several times!!! I believe that the early discriminators left a lot of the smaller silver behind such as the silver dimes, half-dimes and larger silver that was on edge...........but I got those too years later when the 1st VLF/TR'S came out into the market!! But I've told enough stories............I'll leave my deep VLF/TR adventures for another day. Any way it would be nice to hear other oldtimer stories since I know that I'm not the only OLDTIMER here!!!................WHAT DO YOU SAY.............HH.........Joe
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WHERE's THE SILVER?...... .IN MY POUCH!!!!!!!!!!! by Olde Texas 29 May 2013 10:14 #567

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So you're the guy who dug up all the silver years ago! :lol:

Yeah those good 'ol days. I started detecting in the late 70's with my Compass VLF primarily in parks.
Silver was not only common to find but was relatively shallow back then.

Now a days, silver and other older coins are scarce to non-existent in the 'pounded' decades of public parks, at least around here.

One example.
Last Summer i searched a very large County Fairgrounds going back to the late 1800's. Only searched about 75% of the area to date.

According to my log book, out of 22 detecting sessions:
19 wheats
1 large 925 silver ring along with a few junk rings
somewhere between 300 to 500 spendable coins - stopped counting them

AND ONLY TWO, two silver coins: a rosie dime and a barber dime!

I can see how the rosie was missed, it was under a big tree root. But how 'they' missed that only 4" deep barber is a mystery!
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