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BOWIE BONE HANDLE KNIFE??? by Olde Texas 27 May 2013 22:30 #556

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When my Dad was still alive, I use to save my relic sites for him and me to search! He didn't care for coins but really like finding the old relics such as old cotton scales, cotton scale weights, old barb wire, old tools, old wagon and buggy parts, old gun parts, old automobile parts, old plow and horse related artifacts, etc. When he would find these his face would come aglow and to him it was like finding a gold coin! He liked his Garrett Hunter with no discrimination and used the large 12 inch loop! At this particular time he was in his upper 70's and although I would bring my VLF/TR I would lay it to the side and basicly follow him around and do his digging! We were hunting another old plantation house site. This site had a bunch of 150 year old oak trees which made a circle with a clearing in the middle. Hunting in the middle of this clearing his 1st large or decent reading was a headlamp to an old Model A Ford! Hunting and digging a few more junk type signals, he finally gets a good sounding target. Armed only with a Kitchen Knife for digging, at the 1 foot level I start to unearth what looks like the handle for a Bowie knife! It has a bone handle(?) and it is sticking straight down in the earth! The ground was very hard and compact and I didn't want to break it, so I went back to my truck and got my army-surplus shovel! Digging carefully around the knive(?), after several scoops of dirt I finally unearth it! Whoa.................it wasn't a knife...................it was a .45 cal revolver.............it even had 2 notches on the bone type handle! On 2nd or 3rd look............Whoa..........its not a .45 cal revolver but could sure pass as one................it was a CO2 powered .45 cal BB gun. A great and beautiful artifact of a find. I looked it up in a gun book and it was made by Daisy around 1957! How it came to rest at this site sticking straight down in the soil with the the barel down is anybodies guess! From its condition, we assumed it lay in that spot for at least 15 or 20 years! Now this BB Gun is such a dead ringer for a real .45 cal pistol, we decided not to wave it around on our way out but to more or less hide it to get it out of this area. We didn't want to upset anyone or get the law called in after us!................After finding this that day it pretty much emotionally used up all of our energy and we decided to call it quits for the day and headed for home! This was found about 28 years ago and although I have found many gun parts since then, this is the only intact "GUN" that I have ever found! And one final note if we were using a Discriminator, this find would probably been rejected or ignored!...........HH........Joe
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