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TOPIC: My First Gold Ring

My First Gold Ring 10 Dec 2012 21:13 #53

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(Moved from the old forum)

I found this ring way back in 1975 in my Grandparents yard.

Right after I got my first detector (a Garrett BFO Discriminator) my Mom asked me to find her ring that her little sister lost back in 1934. My Mom's Aunt gave her this ring and her twin sister another ring for a present (not sure what year).

One day Mom's little sister took both of the rings out of the house and was playing with them in the front yard throwing them up in the air and catching them. One of the other sisters saw her and told on her so all of the kids went out in the yard looking for the rings after little sister lost them. They ended up finding Mom's sister's ring but never could find Mom's.

So on a Sunday afternoon in 1975 when my wife and I were visiting my Grandparents we took the detector out to the spot where they thought the ring would be and sure enough we found it! It was about 6 inches deep and a war nickel had been lost right beside it that I found first. I rechecked the hole and got the ring signal.

Since it was Sunday there were several people at my Grandparent's house. When we went in the kitchen and showed everyone what we found all of Mom's sisters including Mom that were there started crying and hugging each other. It was probably my most exciting find so far! :woohoo:

My Mom kept it put away and was afraid she would lose it again and wouldn't wear it. Then she moved and all of a sudden she couldn't find her ring any more. :( Last week when I was at her house for Christmas we found it in a jewelry box underneath some necklaces she had stored away! So it was almost like the first time we found it all over again.

Mom was told this was a ruby ring set in gold. I suspected it really wasn't a ruby because I had never seen one that color. Then I looked online and found out it is a natural ruby and is the same color as other online. It's about 1/2 caret. The ring is not marked as gold but I think it is, just not sure what kt. Probably 10 or 14. Back in the 1800's they apparently didn't mark gold rings in all cases (If anyone has more info on that I would like to hear it). I could have it tested but we have no plans to sell it. We will give it to a granddaughter one of these days probably.

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