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TOPIC: What's in it?

What's in it? 03 Jun 2013 16:58 #578

  • Rottonr
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Found this little make up case in what was a farm yard untill last fall and is now a feild. Nothing rattles when I shake it and it does not seem to heavey. This is well over a dozen of these things I have found over the years and one of them is bound to have grampa's favorite old coin from his colletion in it.

I am guessing a merc. hopefully a perfect 1916D.

As soon as I can get the darn thing open without breaking it I will post a pic.
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What's in it? 03 Jun 2013 21:05 #579

  • ironsight
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LOL! Open the dam thing already and call it a day! :lol:
The suspense is killing us! :whistle:
Just kidding! :cheer:
You're right to be cautious.

I've found a few old brass turn of the century lipstick cases some over a foot deep, with some in decent condition all things considered.
Before i was gonna pitch them, i decided to do some research first.
Believe it or not there is a collector's market for those vintage things.
You might want to try soaking that it in olive oil for a week or two and see if it comes loose.
If that don't work, plan B, WD-40. Plan C, propane torch! :dry:

Just last week i dug up what appeared to be a bullet blank at first glance not much bigger than a .22 long. Upon closer inspection after cleaning, it had the words AVON....and a brass cap where the bullet should be. Strange!
A tiny lippy? Maybe for a small girl? Who knows, go figure!
I'll post a pic of it next time i need to use my camera.
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