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TOPIC: Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions

Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions 16 Jul 2013 22:19 #648

  • Patrick
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Haven't posted in a while. Have been out hunting some but just the occasional merc or Indian.

Sometimes it seems like the signals on the Etrac come in real good in certain ground conditions. Case in point is some hunting I got in at the end of last week. I hunted a hillside in a pounded Chicago park that I have hunted several times along with a few members on this forum such as Gimmie the Loot and Etrac007. The place is extremely trashy with a heavy shallow layer of modern trash and then alot of iron at medium and deep depths. I would say half the older coins I have found here have one or more trash targets in the hole. The first two times I hunted a few years ago it gave up several Indians, a few silvers and a bunch of wheaties. Then the finds started to thin out with just a few older coins each time I hunted it. I had hunted it a few months ago and got one merc and 2 wheaties.

But on last Thursday night, it was a different story. There must have been just the right amount of moisture in the ground because the signals were coming in real good and I got alot of deeper targets. In about 2 hours of hunting on Thursday night I got 3 silvers, 3 indians and 12 wheaties. Went back on Saturday morning for another 3 hours and got 2 silvers, 2 Indians and 16 more wheaties. Didnt change any settings on the detector, use a different coil or hunt any differently then I usually do. Alot of the signals were a little iffy but repeatable and deep enough to make me want to dig. Pictured below are the 5 silver dimes - 1908 Barber with full liberty and 4 Rosies - 1946, 1948, 1952D, 1953D. 5 Indians - 1888, 1893, 1894, 1905 and 1906.

Also found some sort of token. It has L.B. on one side and 2 1/2 on the other side. Anybody have any idea what it is? Someone on another site told me they thought it was a pool hall token as the 2 1/2 cent denomination was common for midwest pool halls and the L.B. was likely the name of the pool hall owner.

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Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions 17 Jul 2013 08:08 #652

  • Rottonr
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Great finds Patric!!!
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Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions 24 Jul 2013 20:55 #673

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Dang missed this post! Sweet finds Pat......a great day of digging.What a cool token. I think some days your brain is tuned in better too. For the full time work crowd at the end of the week you are less tense and have a tendency to slow down and listen harder. It also helps if the weather is nice.
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Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions 29 Jul 2013 10:16 #694

  • ironsight
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Nice finds! ;)

Know what you mean about the right conditions.
I recently searched a park that i searched heavily last Summer. Back then my eTRAC had no problems accurately ID'ing 10+ inch deep coins. This summer in the same areas, i'm finding the IDs going haywire starting with around 8+ inch deep targets.
I'm finding 8 inch deep wheats with ferrous bouncing around from 1, sometimes 10 to even in the 20s! Conductive bounces heavily also.
Have to use ESP now for some of these deeper coins. As long as the ferrous reading doesn't come close to or hit 35 and the target depth is deep, i dig.

Could also mean my eTRAC needs a tuneup! :(

EDIT: Forgot to mention there is an extremely high density of deeeep extremely corroded carbonized nails in this area of the park.... the reason i now factor in high ferrous readings (two way 90 deg. IDs) for the decision to dig or not. Dug up more iron there than i care to mention. :angry:
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Recent Finds in Good Ground Conditions 31 Jul 2013 02:53 #701

  • dirtdigger1581
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Great hunt! Love when the ground conditions make those older coins POP. Hope you have luck like that again when you revisit that site.
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