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TOPIC: Slow Hunting The Old Fairgrounds

Slow Hunting The Old Fairgrounds 04 Aug 2013 23:57 #723

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Ironsight gave me a lot of inspiration over the last week or so on hunting iron infested sites so I thought I would try our local one this evening.

After digging some really great sounding deep iron targets in the bone dry soil I got a nice iffy Indian hit that was reading deep. Sure enough, out comes an 1888 Injun!

I worked up a good sweat digging these but it was a beautiful evening to hunt so that made it OK. :) I think I'll go back tomorrow evening and hunt the other way. I used the long handled digger tonight for the first time in a local spot and it worked good in the hard conditions. It only has about an 8" blade so I was digging deeper than that using the old hickory knife. I think I'll try to get one that has a longer blade on the end. It sure made it a lot easier to dig and it left a nice sharp plug that fell right back into place. Any recommendations out there for a good one with a longer blade?

The piece on the bottom right is the end of an old key and the tiny round piece next to it was in the hole with a nail and was at least 8 inches deep. The etrac locked on it and gave a nice Indian signal. Looks like it's a small lead bullet end. The 12th Georgia was a surprise as well. It was a good signal and I should have dug it years ago. :(

The other piece on top of the beaver tail is a Model T Ford point I think. It was another good signal that I should have dug before.


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Slow Hunting The Old Fairgrounds 05 Aug 2013 10:58 #724

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Coin Magnet, welcome to the 'iron diggers' club of America! :)
Man, those iron nails are beauts! B) :silly:
The Indian ain't bad either! ;)

Its great seeing pics of junk others dig up.
You know, the 'misery loves company' thing! :)

One Fairground i hunt is also loaded with nails, bolts, screws and big iron pieces likely from old farm implements, carnival rides and such. Found 4 silver dimes including a Barber between an exceptionally dense patch of iron. Another pounded fairground i hunt had car and motorcycle races in the past. Found a lot of coinage among the rusted iron car parts there.
I got a hunch a lot of detectorists discriminate iron out thereby masking out any closeby coinage also. Sort of like throwing the baby out with the bath water. :cheer:

Whats worked well for me so far is to use a small coil if i can get away with it, an open mask, TTF, fast recovery, hi trash, deep off, man. sens., and sometimes 'smooth' settings. Takes some getting used to and the tones can be maddening at first.

Eventually it pays to dig those iffy coin-iron IDs as long as the arms hold out.
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Slow Hunting The Old Fairgrounds 07 Aug 2013 17:24 #732

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Another Indian penny saved, WTG CM!! It is so dry around here I get blisters just looking at the ground.
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