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TOPIC: Barber Quarter!

Barber Quarter! 06 Jan 2014 19:39 #1077

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I'm finally getting around to posting the barber quarter I found back at the end of November in the old fairground woods. :oops:

I hunted all day with the 5" Sunray coil on the E-Trac and after a couple of hours I got an iffy hit right in the middle of one of the 4 wheeler paths that had been cut though the woods. I worked around it it in a circle and finally decided it sounded good enough to dig. After pulling the first plug I couldn't get it to pinpoint so I pulled a second plug and it started ringing in loud and clear! I pulled the next plug and looked in the pile of dirt and saw it standing up. :woohoo: B)

I found 4 wheaties to go along with it later. Larry and I went back then end of December and using the stock coil I only came up with one more wheatie. This will be a good spot to hunt again with the small coil later this spring after the crops get too tall to hunt. Should be a few more nice ones hiding around there.


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Barber Quarter! 11 Jan 2014 10:57 #1084

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The only thing better than digging up a Barber dime is digging up a Barber Quarter!
Nice job!
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