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Our goal at Coinhunting.Net is to provide to the metal detecting community a format to interact and network with others who share the same enthusiasm for old coins and relics as well as the love of history. The locating and recovery of these coins and relics is a great hobby for anyone who is willing to network with experienced hunters and take the time to learn how to use a metal detector, research potential hunting sites, obtain the proper permissions and to go out and do the searching. Time is of the essence because development is slowly but surely taking these places away forever.


You have registered at Coinhunting.Net so now it's time to join in on the fun! Our new INTERACTIVE website is designed to give you the best available metal detecting community experience on the Internet. We have several forums that are for Coinhunting.Net Members only and those are hidden from the public so the only way to see them is to be a logged in member.


Whether you are a seasoned coin hunter or simply have an interest in metal detecting, Coinhunting.Net is for you!


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