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How Do I Post A Photo On The Forums?

Only registered users can post a photo on Coinhunting.Net. If you are not registered, do so at the home page.

Here are two ways registered users can post a photo on the Coinhunting.Net Forums.


Method #1

Log in to Coinhunting.Net.

Click on the Forum link.

Click on the Forum Category you want to post in.

Click on the "NEW TOPIC" button.

Enter the Post Title and the Body of your message.

Click the "ADD FILE" button at the bottom of the page.

Look for the image file on your computer.

When you find it click on it and then click OPEN.

Continue to add image files until complete.

Click the "INSERT" button for the ones you want to insert in to your post. If you want to attach the file instead of inserting it in your post do not click the insert button. To remove a file click the "REMOVE" button.

When complete click SUBMIT.

You should have posted your message now. If not, you will possibly get a message telling you there is some kind of error like maybe your photo was too large. 

Your image file can be maximum (width x height - size): 2000x3000 - 700 KB so if it is larger than that you will need to resize it.

There are various software programs available to do that for free. Coinhunting.Net recommends GIMP. It is FREE software. There are others as well. You can search for it online. Download and install it on your computer and then you will be able to resize your picture, save it, then post it.

The ideal width for a forum photo is 600-800 pixels.


Method #2 

You need to use a third party service like Photobucket . Photobucket is free. Upload your photo similar to the above method. Copy the link to the photo and paste it in to your message. Make sure you copy the BB code link that includes the IMG tags in your link, otherwise it will not display.

Also to resize your photo to fit the forum use the same method as above. If you need help send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Both of these methods require a little practice to perfect. Try it a few times and if you still have trouble make a post in the "Help Desk" Forum and ask for help.  

One issue with third party services is that they may go out of business and leave you with dead links on your posts (like Geocities did), or you might forget you have links to the photos and delete them which will also cause a dead link.




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