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Recent finds made by Coinhunting.Net Members!

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Whites Metal Detectors


Whites Metal Detectors

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Whites DFX 


DFX™ is simply unsurpassed in its ability to find treasure older, deeper and smaller items that other metal detectors pass over. DFX™ brings together the ultimate combination of sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity

DFX Larry found this nice barber dime with his DFX in August 2007. 

Click here for the story. 

Greatdeals found these seated coins in November 2006 with the DFX. The half dime he found is awesome!

Click here for the story. 

Whites Spectra V³™


Whites latest technology breaktrough! Was known as the Whites Vision and recently had a name change. 

Full-Color High Definition Display 

Analyze and 3 Frequency SpectraGraph Screens 

Wireless SpectraSound&trade Headphones 

10 All-New Turn-on-and-Go Hunting Programs 

3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies 

Live Controls for Real-Time Adjustments 

Six-Block Menu 

Spectra V³-to-Spectra V³ Wireless Program Transfer 

10"DD Search Coil 

Adjustable Backlight 

Owner Registration 

Selectable Ground Filters 

Recovery Delay 

3 x 3 Target I.D. System™ 

On-the-Fly Adjusts 

Color-Keyed Disc Pattern 

Dozens of Expert Menu Options

NIMH Rechargeable Battery System

Whites MXT Series


One metal detector with three completely separate operating modes. Just toggle switch between gold prospecting, coin/jewelry or relic. The MXT™ Tracker™ becomes a specialized metal detector for that type of treasure.

Whites XLT Series 


The XLT® Metal Detector is high-performance simplicity and versatility at its best. 

Indygold had a record day finding large cents with his XLT back in September 2007.

 Click here for the story. 

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