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Minelab Metal Detectors


Minelab Metal Detectors

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Minelab E-Trac


Advanced digital filtering has been enhanced with the development of new timings ensuring optimum sensitivity and accurate discrimination. A refined discrimination scale supports real-time analysis on target identification utilizing the fastest, most powerful microprocessor ever. New features of the E-Trac include superior ergonomics and the introduction of a USB interface with XChange software, allowing you to download, save and email your favorite settings.

Coin Magnet found these BARBER DIMES with the E-Trac in a "hunted out" park September 2008.

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Minelab Safari


Powered by Minelab's FBS multiple frequency technology, Safari combines deep, sensitive and accurate detecting for anyone demanding both simplicity AND performance! Safari uses advanced digital filtering to eliminate the influence of ground signals, automatically. Experience easy, seamless detecting whatever the field conditions! With its High Trash Density setting, Target Ids and audio tones are updated when sweeping over closely spaced targets FAST! This improves the recovery of deeply buried high conductivity targets in a trashy environment and allows you to more accurately identify the type of target found. Accurate and easy to use, press the pinpoint button and watch the Safari zone-in on the precise location of that precious target. With four pre-programmed Detect modes, you can choose from Coin; Coin & Jewelry; Relic or All Metal. Each individual mode contains the optimum settings for identifying the characteristics of your preferred targets, allowing you to maximize your time in the field.

Minelab Explorer S


The original FBS technology metal detector from Minelab.

Minelab Explorer XS 


The original FBS technology metal detector from Minelab. Upgrade from the Explorer S.

Coin Magnet Jr found his first SEATED DIME with the XS back in September 2007.

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Minelab Explorer 2


The second generation FBS technology metal detector from Minelab. All of the features of the XS PLUS!

Sam221 first good find with his Explorer 2 was this fantastic US box plate and his first silver coin a few weeks later was this nice seated quarter! Go get em Sam!


Minelab Explorer SE


This third generation Explorer metal detector surpasses anything you've seen for depth, sensitivity and superior discrimination!

Minelab X-Terra 30


The X-Terra 30 is powered with new, VFLEX technology, and is in a new class of single frequency detectors.

Minelab X-Terra 50


The X-Terra 50 is powered with new, VFLEX technology, and is in a new class of single frequency detectors. Upgrade from the X-Terra 30. 

Minelab X-Terra 70


The X-Terra 70 is the flagship of the Minelab X-Terra Series and offers the flexibility of three frequency coil options which are field swappable to hunt Relics, Coins or Gold.

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