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Garrett Metal Detectors


Garrett Metal Detectors

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Garrett GTI 2500


* TEN exclusive and patented features * Outstanding features like Power Master™, ScanTrack™, Treasure Talk™ and TreasureVison™ * Garrett's patented Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) LCD screen * Garrett's exclusive Graphic Target Analyzer™ (GTA) technology * High-performance of true Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Garrett GTI 1500


* World's foremost coin shooter * Instant feedback capabilities * Indicates target's size, depth and pinpoint location * Lets you know if a target is a coin or drink can.

Smitty found a great looking SEATED QUARTER with his GTI 1500 in October 2007.

Click here for the story.

Garrett ACE 250


Features: Graphic Target ID Cursor (12 Segments) Discrimination: Accept / Reject Notch Electronic Pinpoint Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment (8 Settings) Battery Condition Indicator Coin Depth Indicator Headphone Jack Interchangeable Ace Series Searchcoils Large LCD Display Microprocessor Controlled Push Button Controls Clear Speaker Tone Tone ID, 3 levels Touch-n-Go Operation

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