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Digging Tools


Digging Tools

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"Old Hickory" Knife


Recommended by Coin Magnet - Make better use of your detecting time with a quality "Old Hickory" butcher knife. These quality knives make quick work of digging plugs and are very light and portable. 

Lesche Ground Shark


This is an excellent digging tool for the coin shooter or relic hunter. It is especially handy for use in hunting fields and tough soil. Made from stainless steeel to last for years.

Hori-Hori Digging Tool


Recommended by KYDetectorman - "The handle is like the handle of an Old Hickory knife but the blade portion is kind of a combination trowel, root saw and butcher knife. The sharp edge of the digger is hollow ground. I recently had mine professionally sharpened. The serrated edge is like a saw when it comes to roots. The blade is at least 1/8th inch thick and concave shaped so it does not have any give to it."

Lesche Digging Tool


Razor-sharp serrated teeth along edge of blade quickly cuts through roots, weeds, vines and sod.  Blade is welded to the handle at a right angle to give you better leverage when prying and digging up hard packed soil. Another quality LESCHE product!


"I used one of these at our Fall 2008 Hunt. The ground was hard as a rock in some places and very hard to dig in. I borrowed Joe's Lesche digger on a couple of occassions and it was MUCH easier to dig with in the hard packed ground than my trusty old hickory knife! I'm getting one of these!" - Coin Magnet

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