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Summer 2012 Vacation Finds
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TOPIC: Summer 2012 Vacation Finds
Coin Magnet (Admin)
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Summer 2012 Vacation Finds 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 72  
Drove out to San Francisco to take Mini Magnet to a gaming convention he wanted to go to for the last few years and took the detectors along. Didn't have a lot of hunting time unfortunately but we did manage to get out for a while.

First stop was Omaha where we got to meet Andy and hunt for a while at Hanscom Park! We met at a local ice cream shop and swapped stories for about a half an hour first. We could have spent hours talking and hunting and one of these days we will get back to the Omaha area and do just that!

It was a hot day but not unbearable. Hanscom Park has been around since the late 1800s and I'm sure it has been hunted hard over the last 50 years but we thought we might be able to scare up an old one or two. We hunted in the garden area around where this photo was taken. This spot dates to the early teens.

(this is an ebay image so it may not last long)

We didn't have much time to hunt because of other commitments (family to visit) and unfortunately we didn't come up with any old coins but did dig a few targets and get to compare a few signals.

Late fall before the freeze or early spring before the heat would be good times to hunt Hanscom Park. I'm sure there are several barber and seated coins waiting to be found there. A detector that will so a good job separating coins from trash that gets good depth would be the best for this park.

Timing and sightseeing didn't allow us to be able to go metal detecting again until we got to San Francisco.

On Sunday Jr and I took off to hunt Golden Gate Park but when we got there the park was full of people and they were having a charity walk. Police were everywhere directing traffic and there were bands playing so we decided that would not be a good time to detect there for sure.

So we hunted just east of Golden Gate Park in an area known as The Panhandle that was dedicated by President Roosevelt in 1904.

This is a neat place which old homes on each side of the park. Lots of people around walking their dogs and exercising. Some people were camping out in the park too. The Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco is directly south of the park.

TONS of clad everywhere in the park. We did manage to find a few wheaties from the 40s and 50s but that was about it! What this park needs is a group of clad hunters to hunt here for a few weeks. I'm sure there is at least $500 in clad laying around here. The park is 3/4 of a mile long and about a 1/2 block wide.

We left there and looked around for another old park to hunt. We finally found one (and a place to park which is rare in San Francisco) and started hunting. Same as The Panhandle Park, there were Lots of people around walking their dogs and exercising. Jr had four dogs come up to him immediately checking him out. They are all very small dogs fortunately

After about an hour of hunting here were only found a couple of wheaties, an older button and some type pf a game piece about the size of a half dime and made from copper. It sure looked like a good spot to hunt. And there could be more old coins there as well hiding in trash. Local hunters I'm sure could tell us a LOT more and show us some fabulous finds they have made there over the years.

We left San Francisco the next morning and it was two days later before we got to hunt again. This time is was in Salt Lake City. SLC has several nice old parks. We got to town late so Jr jumped out and hunted the first place (Pioneer Park) and immediately found a nice 1925S wheatie! Our best coin of the trip!. After about 15 minutes we went to Liberty Park and he hunted there for a while but could only find clad. By then it was dark so we called it a day.

The next morning we got up bright and early and went to Pioneer Park at about 6 AM. They had just finished watering tha park with the sprinkler system (which from the looks of the park they do several times a day). There were about 50 homeless people sleeping at the park when we got there. Fortunately they left us alone and we hunted for a couple of hours undisturbed.

This is another park that is LOADED with clad coins. I know I could have found $20 worth if I had wanted to but I was looking for old coins and after digging a few clad dimes that sounded really good at 6 inches I decided to only dig the really deep targets.

After about 30 minutes I got a really deep hit that was kind of broken up. Digging here is great! The knife goes right in like cutting butter and plugs are easy to dig and stay intact when they come out. It is like hunting in early spring in the Midwest!

Down at the bottom of the 7-8 inch hold were a couple of coins stuck together. I didn't bring my magnifier along so I really couldn't tell the dates but I knew one was a V nickel and the other one was some kind of a token!

After I cleaned them up a little I could tell the V was a 1905 and the other "V" was a maverick (location unknown) token.

After about another 30 minutes of swinging I got a nice deep silver quarter hit that read 47 on the e-trac! I thought for sure it was going to be a quarter as I homed in on it with the probe but it turned out to be a nice 1941D Mercury Dime!

About 10 minutes later I got another deep coin hit and dug up a 1920S wheatie that was about 8 inches deep. I wish we would have had more time to hunt this park as I really think there are barbers and maybe a seated or two here waiting to be found. I think there are a lot of old coins here too like large cents but I think those are way DEEP MAYBE EVEN 2-3 FEET. This park was the site of a fort and the first white settlement in the area so these has to be some fantastic finds waiting. If you get a chance to hunt here (or any other park for that matter) please make sure you respect the property and properly fill your holes and replace your plugs.

After we left here we basically drove straight home and didn't have time for any more hunting. Looks like I'm going to have to retire to get the time I would like to spend hunting these old places!

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KYDetectorman (User)
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Re:Summer 2012 Vacation Finds 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 17  
Even with the scarce finds that was a dream trip. Glad you and your family got to get out and travel together.
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